Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tanaya Cook Volunteers with Surf For Life

By Julie Tangen
In our fast-paced lives it is often difficult to find extra time to dedicate to ourselves, let alone for others. However everyone here at Kulesa Faul recognizes the value of giving and finds the time to support various charitable affiliations. I’m pleased to say that our very own Tanaya Cook recently returned from Central America after donating a week of her time to a non-profit organization called Surf For Life. The charity is committed to enabling volunteers to participate in meaningful social and economic development projects that help those less fortunate. Tanaya’s particular mission benefited an indigenous population known as the BriBri tribe located on the Talamanca reservation in Costa Rica. She participated in various community projects—from preparing food to building bridges—to support the cause.

Please join me in welcoming Tanaya back from her journey and watch for her blog post (and possibly a few pictures) coming soon!

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