Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Sign of the Times—Get Ready to Pay Up for Online News

By Cathy Wright
In addition to paying rent or a mortgage, paying for groceries, health insurance, school and gas, we’re getting closer and closer to having to also shell out for access to online news. The reason: newspapers around the world are declining in revenues or worse, folding altogether. The Internet is partly at fault for the decline, but the slumping economy and sharp dip in advertising is sure to blame as well.
Media moguls such as News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch and others are getting noisy about this issue and ready to shut it down and start collecting for what they view as missed revenue. In August, Mr. Murdoch told the world he plans to eventually charge for online access to content for all News Corp. publications, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, The Times in London, and the Daily Telegraph. The charge would either be levied direct to readers via access subscriptions or to companies distributing News Corp. content on their Websites.
And to stir the pot even more, Mr. Murdoch also revealed News Corp was considering blocking Google from being able to search its newspaper websites. Executives from the likes of Twitter and Yahoo are now weighing in. After enjoying free access to news all these years, it’s going to be painful to suddenly pay up for something that we’ve come to expect for free. It’s like suddenly being charged a toll to walk down the street or charged to hang out with friends. Stay tuned!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top 5 Tips to a Successful Office Holiday Party

By Kelly Indrieri

The countdown to the holiday season has begun and that can mean only one thing, the office holiday party. Okay, maybe it means more than one thing, but for those of you who anticipate your company party as much as we do here at Kulesa Faul, I've compiled a list of the Top 5 Tips to a Successful Office Holiday Party. I’m hoping this can serve as a public service.

Number 5. Avoid red lipstick (I offer this one based on experience)

Number 4. Be careful of overzealous dancing (people will talk about it the next day, I promise)

Number 3. Don’t drink and drive (hail a cab, call a friend, just stay safe)

Number 2. Avoid using this event as an opportunity to tell a colleague how you really feel (a party should be about love people, remember that)

And the Number 1 Tip to a Successful Office Holiday Party: Remembering that what happens at the office party DOESN’T stay at the office party (so keep it clean folks)

So take the evening to celebrate your colleagues, clients and the year’s success. Just try not to be the butt of the joke the next day. Believe me, you’ll thank me for it.
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