Thursday, September 24, 2009

If it Bleeds it Leads…

By Tanaya Cook
Are we living in a world today where controversy and negativity are the main topics that get the spotlight? President Barack Obama sure thinks so. In a recent interview with political correspondent George Stephanopoulos, President Obama openly shared his disappointment about media coverage of late. “The easiest way to get 15 minutes on the news or your 15 minutes of fame is to be rude. ... That's something that I think needs to change."

But popular tabloid bloggers such as Perez Hilton have made a full time job out of posting negative pictures and rude comments about celebrities, and every day people flock to read his latest rants. Have we really become a society where important global issues are ignored? Has newsworthiness been replaced by surface level gossip? I guess the age adorned saying still holds truth: “If it Bleeds, it Leads.” I’m off to go check out Perez Hilton☺
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Stand up for (insert cause here)

By Robin Bulanti
I’ve always been drawn to volunteer work. I dreamed of joining the Peace Corps but the closest I came was a year spent volunteering as an ESL teacher in China. Today I’m proud to be part of our agency’s efforts to give back, from volunteer hours to a number of charities we support. Volunteering expands the heart, mind and community. And heck, a little outside perspective is always a good thing.

Recently my colleague Tami and I volunteered as media clinicians at the Spin Academy, an annual retreat run by San Francisco’s Spin Project with activists selected for 60 coveted spots. Our assignment was to help train these non-profits in more effective media and communications.

I met some impressive individuals struggling with some pretty familiar challenges: competing for shrinking media attention, doing more with less resources—needing more hands or more hours in the day, sound familiar?—and somehow adding social media to the mix.

I feel strongly that non-profits must engage social networks now, and was surprised how many hadn’t yet jumped in for the cause. In my mind it’s a group that can actually “profit,” not just in mindshare but the real financial sense of the word, from social channels and online community building. Social media can be a way to mobilize people quickly, and a dirt-cheap soapbox.

We’re currently doing our own pro bono work for The Gorilla Foundation, and Koko the Gorilla, famous for her own communication skills. It’s been interesting to watch how this work breathes new life into our team, while all of our clients benefit from the perspective we gain championing a cause.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beat L.A.

By Scott Lechner
Here at Kulesa Faul it’s all about teamwork. From building PR plans to changing out the water bottle at the water cooler, I’m part of a company where (like in baseball) everyone comes together to get the job done.

We work together and we also play together. Several weeks back my colleagues and I went to a Giants game—and not just any old game—but a Giants-Dodgers game that had playoff implications. Our home team won on a walk-off homer in the 11th inning, no less. Aside from the win, the best part was bonding with my teammates outside the office, cheering in unison (and paying no mind to the complaining Dodger fans behind us who said we were blocking their view). The cherry on top though was seeing the Kulesa Faul name in High Definition on the Giants scoreboard. I think we all came back to work the next day feeling like a stronger group.

Our company has a pretty unique culture and our clients view us as a "well oiled machine." I believe our team-building trips have helped to strengthen our relationships and have led to a more productive team-oriented group. After all, it's one thing to collaborate on PR projects, and another to trade mustard stains with a colleague at the ol' ballpark. While both are important, the mustard definitely brings more laughs, and probably a few more memories. Go Giants!
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