Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making the world a better place, one app at a time

By Julie Tangen
Did you know that if each household reduced energy consumption by 20 percent, the U.S. would save over $32 billion a year and carbon emissions would be reduced by 187 mega tons (equivalent to taking 40 million cars off the road for one entire year)?

I'm feeling especially environmentally conscious today because our new green-tech client, People Power, just launched a way for developers to build smart, environmentally friendly applications for household electronics and devices. Interested in a lawn system that saves H20 by automatically knowing when to (and not to) water? How about a central air system that you can control from your iPhone? People Power makes ideas like this possible by teaming with a community of developers and leveraging open source technology. If you can dream it, you can now build it into your home!

To learn more about reducing energy consumption, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, visit People Power online at

Also, I hope you'll join me in supporting People Power's "Unplug for Earth Day 2010" Facebook campaign. Check out the GreenX Calculator that shows how much CO2 you will keep out of the atmosphere by pledging to unplug on April 22.
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