Monday, May 18, 2009

SEO Experts Be Damned!

By Tami Casey
I recently attended the Inbound Marketing Summit (#ISM09) in San Francisco where I met many new friends and learned about the latest news and trends from industry experts. The schedule was jam packed and most days left my head spinning. But some of the more “sticky” presentations for me were on content and search. In fact, my key take away from the conference is that marketing in 2009 is about being found online via search, media sites, blogs and social networks.

Do we need the latest hot shot SEO Expert? While SEO expertise is great—the search algorithms and details change at whim. A big part of the strategy for showing up on page one of a search must include provisions to drive organic traffic. Say what? Yep, don’t place all your bets on gaming Google and the SEO gods. Provide a good Web site that helps users find what they are looking for, know who your audience is, where they congregate online, establish a presence on that site, and then create content that your users want. And don’t forget to make that content free and easy to access. Then add a little secret sauce to the recipe. Let your businesses humanity shine through in all that you do online and don’t forget to surprise and delight the prospects that find you. If you manage to do these key things—you will be found online and customers will be sure to come back again and again.
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