Friday, April 3, 2009

Making Good with Gorilla PR

By Joanna Kulesa
We’ve taken our new president’s “call to arms” on volunteerism to heart, and signed on to represent perhaps the coolest animal on the planet—Koko. Koko is the world famous gorilla versed in American Sign Language with over 1,000 words in her vocabulary. Our agency is thrilled at the prospect of working with The Gorilla Foundation and Koko to spread the word about how critically endangered gorillas are—thousands are being destroyed in the wild each year by humans. By using our PR and social media skills, and Koko’s amazing ability to connect with humans, we hope to make a dramatic impact on raising awareness about the dangers gorillas face, what we can learn from them both scientifically and socially, and on helping the Foundation realize its dream of building a sanctuary and interspecies communication center on Maui for these amazing creatures. Learn more at and follow our progress here!
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