Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Beginnings!

By Joanna Kulesa
Today, Angelique Faul was named principal of the agency and we became Kulesa Faul. I’m so energized by my decision. Let’s face it; last year was tough, with a steadily declining economy. Regardless, we grew our business by 20%. This year is going to prove to be even more challenging, but I’m still interested in growing—never mind slipping into “survival mode”. That’s why I asked Angelique to become my business partner. She deserves it, and brings an energy and drive to our business that I find contagious. It’s going to take super-hero strength, drive and an especially positive attitude to come out on top this year. With Angelique and our talented and committed team at Kulesa Faul, I’m feeling like a bull in a bear market!
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