Monday, January 26, 2009

Life and business are about taking a risk and hoping for the big pay off

By Kelly Indrieri
This past weekend my friend, and fellow Kulesa PR employee, Heather Edell and I skydived for the first time. It was a birthday request from Heather, and being the dedicated friend I am, I knew I couldn't let her jump alone. And while I never thought I would do it, I have to say it was amazing. I've always believed that without great risk there is no great reward, but now I know more than ever that this is true. As we look at the year ahead, one that is sure to involve some scary moments we never anticipated, it is more important that ever to take those big risks. Yes, safe is easy and might help you coast through a difficult year, but where does the pay off come in that? Now is the time to jump out of the plane and take a risk—and while the ground may seem to be rushing towards you while you do it—the promise of a great pay off, an amazing memory and a conquered fear can make it all worth it. So to everyone worried about what the year ahead may hold, remember that while there is much to lose by taking the risk, there is also so much more to gain by saying yes and just jumping!

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