Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why I’ll be thinking about Groupon, Facebook and Twitter on Fourth of July

By Kelly Indrieri
Okay, I must admit that I am fully addicted to Groupon's online coupon site and have spent many an hour on Twitter and Facebook. Yes, I'm pretty sure they will be the death of my bank account and social life, but what they represent also inspires me. They represent something that is truly what America was founded on - taking an idea and turning it into a thriving business- truly the American dream. Granted every idea can’t be a winner, but sometimes they are and this spirit of entrepreneurship should inspire us all.

Kulesa Faul is also proud to represent clients that embody this very spirit across multiple markets. Model Metrics was one of the first companies to see the value of the cloud. MotionX by Fullpower began developing iPhone applications before everyone had an app available to download. People Power Co is leading the green movement by giving individuals the tools to green their household and reduce their carbon footprint. These companies remind us daily of the power that comes from turning an idea into reality.

With fourth of July just around the corner, take a moment to think about how lucky you are to live in a country where one person's idea can start a revolution...after all your idea might be next.
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