Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6 Tips for Reinvigorating Your Corporate Blog

By Tami Casey
Compelling content is one of the best ways to reach customers and potential customers, and one of the best channels for posting content is the company blog. While the blog is a common on most corporate sites, the quality and freshness of these blogs varies greatly.
Nothing turns off a visitor to your site more than an inactive blog. But in today's "do more with less" world, who has the time to keep the blog fresh?  Banish stagnant blogs by resourcing them properly and refreshing content weekly. Here are six tips to help keep the blog fresh and active:

1. Editorial Calendar—Establish an editorial direct/owner and make sure to create a three month calendar of potential topics and owners. Populate the calendar with important dates such as product introductions and industry events.
2. Length—keep blogs to 250–300 words. For lengthy pieces, consider making it a two part story.
3. Repurpose content—Trouble coming up with unique content ideas? Summarize white papers or press releases and mixing in personal opinion to create fresh blog posts. Attending a tradeshow? Repurpose your show description with some unique facts about your tradeshow staff or facts about the tradeshow location.
4. Comment on industry happenings—Is a competitor being acquired? Does an industry leader make a blunder? Is there a particularly interesting industry story to tell? Consider recapping the news with your personal take on the item.  
5. Guest bloggers—Do you have a customer that has provided a glowing review of a new feature or a thank you for exceptional service? Consider asking them to pen a guest post on your site.
6. Promote your blog—Use social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to point people to your blog.

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Anonymous said...

You should probably take some of your own advise. The last update prior to this one was more than a week ago - June 11th.

You should be blogging daily

www.kulesafaul.com said...

Thanks for reading our blog and taking the time to respond. Agree that getting out there and blogging daily–in one form or another—is important. Every day we comment on articles, we Tweet (and re-tweet), we Digg. We’re active on Facebook and other online communities. And every week (or so) we are pleased to feature an original perspective on our own corporate site. Hope you’ll visit us again—as always, we encourage any feedback and thoughts!

-The Kulesa Faul Team