Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Stay Motivated During the “Dog Days” of Summer

By Kristina Molfino
We have all been there, 3:08 at work on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in July. Your gaze travels back and forth from computer screen to the blue cloudless sky out the window. Tick, 3:09. You daydream of laying on a deserted beach working on your tan. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my job! Even so, it can be hard to remain motivated during these summer days. If you find yourself having trouble fighting off summeritis here are a few tips:

Get out of the office—I know that not everyone has time to get out for lunch. But, at a minimum get up and get outside, even if it is just for a quick walk around the block. I always notice that even a few minutes in the fresh air gives me a whole new perspective.

Set goals—Make daily lists of reasonable tasks that you will accomplish. This will not only keep you focused, but also help you stay organized.

Stay hydrated—According to the World Health Organization, there is an immediate improvement in cognitive performance and immediately following a drink. Better hydration = better concentration!

Try something new—With co-workers taking vacation time, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for projects that maybe outside of your norm. This could be a great opportunity to learn how to do something new!

If all else fails… take a vacation day!

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julie said...

Summer is always tough -- even with my 'Tropical Setting' screen saver, when it gets hot out I find myself wishing I was at the beach. I've found that by splitting projects into smaller pieces, setting milestones and then rewarding myself for reaching them helps me to stay motivated. My reward will be a 5 or 10 minute break away from my computer, or a walk down to Peets for an iced coffee. A change of scenery and some fresh air almost always gives me a whole new perspective on the afternoon!